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Corporate Image & Why It May Be Important

Posted by on November 23, 2021

Sometimes certain organisations may prefer to source for office spaces with the most attractive rental rates due to the notion of the possible savings that it may bring to a company.

However, it may not always be the best idea depending on the company’s priorities and future directions.

Most Affordable Rates May Not Always Be Good

While exercising prudence by managing cash flow and keeping monthly overheads to the minimal is important, it may at times be better to invest in an office space which helps to carry or build your company’s branding. Investing in an office space with a good corporate image may also help your potential customers to have more trust and belief in your company and its products or services.

Initial Impression

During the first couple of meetings with your potential customers who have not met you or do not know your company well enough, potential customers may choose to assess your company based on the initial impression of your company’s office and the office address of your company since they only have limited information about your company. An office space with good corporate image is likely to attract more potential customers if your potential customers have a good initial impression of your company and feels comfortable working or partnering with your company.

Why Are Interviews Conducted

Have you thought of why interviews are usually conducted by employers? It may be that the employers have limited information of the potential candidate and would like to understand more by meeting the candidate in person. Likewise, potential customers may have limited information of a company and may request to meet up with a representative at your office to understand better to see it is possible to work together.

Select an Office Space Which Suits Your Brand

Selecting an office space which suits your brand ambitions and direction may be important. For example, if your company is dealing with high quality premium products, it may make sense to invest in an office space with excellent corporate image which may help to carry or boost the branding rather than opting to operate from a co-working office space which offers flexibility.

Why Do Organisations Spend on Office Renovations?

Have you come across organisations that invest heavily on renovations whenever they move to a new office space? Some possible reasons why these companies are willing to invest in office renovations, may be that these companies see the value in having an office space with good corporate image. By having good corporate image, these companies may be able to grow and build their brand. An attractive office space may also be able to help to attract talents to join the company.

Hence, it may be important to take a long term view when it comes to looking for a suitable office space for rent depending on your company’s goals and priorities.

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