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Difference Between Ancillary Office & Pure Office Spaces

Posted by on August 21, 2022

You may have heard of terms such as ancillary office spaces and may be wondering how is it different from pure office spaces. Read on to find out what may be the difference between ancillary office & office spaces.

Office Space within Industrial Space

Ancillary office space may sometimes be known as office space within in an industrial space. For example, up to 40% of the entire industrial space may be used as an ancillary office space provided that the main use of the industrial space is still for industrial usage which is why you may sometimes hear the term ‘60 / 40’. This means that minimally 60% has to be used for industrial usage while up to 40% may be used for ancillary office use.

Pure Office Spaces

Unlike ancillary office spaces which are usually found in areas zone as B1 industrial, B2 industrial or business parks, office spaces are found in areas zone as office or commercial space. Pure office buildings tend to have better corporate image and better addresses as compared to ancillary office spaces within industrial areas. This is why office spaces tend to command higher rental rates as compared to industrial spaces.

Multinational Corporations or MNCs tend to look for pure office spaces in order to portray a good corporate image and uphold a certain level of company branding. This may also help to attract more talents within the workforce to join their company as the working environment is conducive while commuting to work is also easy via public transport.

On the other hand, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) tend to not mind being in industrial areas as the rents are usually more attractive as compared to pure office spaces. Having an ancillary office space within an industrial space also means that the production area and office area can be housed within the exact same location making it easier for companies to operate more efficiently without employees having to travel to and from a different location if the office and production space are at separate locations.

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