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Possible Ways to Lower Cost of Printing Office Documents

Posted by on October 27, 2022

There are various ways to save costs in times of a high inflationary and rising interest rate environment. One way which companies may consider to save cost may be to reduce the cost of printing office documents which could be a daily affair for some companies.

Purchase A Printer Which Reduces Cost Per Page

In the market, there are various types of printers available and one way to help your company save cost will perhaps be to reduce the cost of printing on a per page basis. While you may be tempted to purchase a printer which have a lower upfront cost, it may not always be the best idea in the long run as the overall cost may be higher due to the future printer supplies required to continue using the printer.

Types of Printer Supplies

As for printer inks, there are also different types of inks such as toners, ink cartridges or ink bottles depending on the type of printer your company is using or planning to use. For certain types of printers, printer drums may also need to be replaced whenever required. Depending on the type of ink supplies required for your printer, you should be able to calculate the estimated cost of printing on a per page basis.

Getting a New Printer May Make Sense

Some printer manufacturers may have a pricing strategy whereby the upfront cost of printer is low so as to make it look like it is an attractive buy. However, it may not have crossed your mind at first that this upfront cost does not include the future ink supplies which may add up to quite substantial amounts in the long run. In some ways, printers have some similarities to water dispensers whereby supplies such as ink supplies for printers or water filters for water dispensers need to be replaced on a regular basis in order to be able to use the product effectively.

Go for Something Which Offer A Lower Cost Per Page

A smarter choice would be to go for an office printer which offers a lower cost of printing on a per page basis. In this way, your company will be saving more instead of just looking at the initial upfront cost to purchase the printer. If only the upfront cost is considered without the future printer supplies, your company may end up paying more if you do not look at the big picture. In the near future, when the printer ink runs out, printer supplies will be required and only compatible printer supplies will be able to work with the printer which your company have purchased. Hence it is advisable to look long term and also go through the numbers in totality to see if it makes sense before making a printer purchase.

Ink Tank Printer May Cost Less

In the market, there is also a type of ink saving printer called ink tank printer. These types of printer may cost slightly more initially but the subsequent costs of printer supplies such as printer ink bottles can be very affordable. This helps to lower the cost of printing on a per page basis which may be a good idea for companies in the long run. However, you may note that companies requiring high quality print may still find that laser printers offer a better print quality and that it may still be a better choice to opt for laser printers as ink tank printers may not offer exactly the same kind of print quality as compared to laser printers.

Print Double Sided

Another possible way to save cost will be to print on both sides of the page so as to save on the costs of printing paper. With prices of almost everything going up in recent times, printing on both sides definitely helps companies to save some costs. While it may appear to just be very little savings, it could add up to be quite a lot in the long run especially for large companies with many staff.

Use Electronic Copies Whenever Possible

Better still, if it is possible, use only electronic copies so that there is no need to print anything in hard copies. Furthermore, whenever signing is required for approval or authorisation purposes, e-signing can also be done quite easily. By doing this, less of our trees will also be chopped as demand for paper is reduced.

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