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How Open Plan Office Space Layouts Can Help Your Company to Save Rental & Renovation Costs

Posted by on September 24, 2022

You probably would have heard many ways to design your company’s office space.

However, in a hybrid work from home and work from office environment where staff work in the office on certain days and work from home on the other days, there may be a more cost saving way to design your office space.

Consider Open Plan Office Space Layouts

In modern times where hybrid work arrangements are probably a norm, it may makes sense for some companies to consider open plan office layouts instead of an office space with many partitioned directors or managers room especially if your company is renting an office space in Singapore.

Open Plan Office Layouts Tend to Save Space

With too many partitioned directors or managers room in an office space, a larger office space may be required to accommodate all the company’s staff whereas an office space with minimal partitioned rooms and an open plan office layout may be able to accommodate more staff. As open plan offices help to save space, companies are also able to rent a smaller office unit to accommodate the same number of staff as compared to an office space with many partitioned rooms.

Hot Desking in Office May Be A Consideration

Companies may also adopt a hot desking arrangements where staff merely need to be present at the office with their work laptops in order to work from the office as not all staff are likely to be present at the same time in a hybrid work arrangement.

Open Plan Offices Spaces May Not Require False Ceilings

Some open plan offices are also designed without false ceilings or ceiling boards. In this way, companies are also able to save costs as false ceilings are usually not cheap due to additional costs of materials as well as costs of labour. Furthermore, inflation has also brought up overall costs of renovation due to higher labour costs as well as higher material costs in recent times.

In a market environment with high inflation and where low interests rates are probably a thing of the past especially for the upcoming months, it may be prudent for companies to spend only on necessary areas and practical renovations since costs of borrowing have gone up for businesses, making it more expensive to take business loans (if necessary).

After all, rented office spaces will likely need to be reinstated at the end of the lease and there are also costs associated with reinstatement of the office space to its original handover condition.

Of course, staff are likely more attracted to a nicely fitted office so it may be best to find the right balance in terms of costs, corporate image as well as practicality.

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