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Why the Profile of Office Space Landlord May Be Important

Posted by on January 22, 2022

As we know, there are various types of landlords in the market and various landlord may work or operate differently depending on the management of the company. Every landlord may have their preferred style or preferred way of doing things, therefore it is important to work with a landlord that your company is comfortable to work with.

Initial Renovation & Set-Up Costs

Whenever a company decides to take up a lease for an office space, there may be initial set-up, renovation or fitting-out cost incurred as the tenant may have their own renovation ideas or preferred corporate image or designs. Most office spaces are also reinstated to original condition before the tenant hands over the premises to the landlord.

Continuity of Business

After investing on the initial set up cost for the office space, most businesses would likely expect to have continuity of business which may mean renting the office space for the long term without disruptions or disturbance in between so that the company is able to focus on its core business without distractions once the lease agreement is signed.

Peace of Mind

Having a peace of mind is definitely everybody’s wish and the last thing that a company wants will be renting from a landlord who intends to sell off the office space with an ongoing tenancy. If a landlord intends to sell the premises, there may be potential buyers coming in and out to view the office space and there may also be a possibility that your company will not be able to renew the lease upon expiry as the new owner of the office space may be intending to buy the office space for own use.

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